Last Sunday my sister and I woke up very (44) … long before dawn. We wanted to prepare a surprise birthday celebration for our mother. First we put some dolls and other stuffs in the isle outside our parents’ bedroom so that mom would trip over on (45) … way to the bathroom. We also changed her tooth brush so it would break as soon as mom started to use it. We changed the tooth paste, too. We put red thick liquid inside a tube so mom would think that it was blood. There was also some mess that we prepared in the kitchen. We wanted to make her angry on her birthday. However, our plans did not work at all. Mom only smiled and (46) … the mess that we made. She is the most patient woman in the world. We love you Mom!

  1. Set in

  2. Grew up

  3. Made in

  4. Tidied up

T. Tuawapat

Master Teacher

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Kalimat “Mom only smiled and … the mess that we made.”, memiliki arti “Ibu hanya tersenyum dan …  kekacauan yang kita buat.”, maka pilihan kata yang tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat yang rumpang tersebut adalah (D) ‘tidied up’ atau ‘membereskan’. Pilihan jawaban (A) ‘set in’ atau ‘mengatur’, (B) ‘grew up’ atau ‘tumbuh’, dan (C) ‘made in’ atau ‘terbuat di’, bukanlah pilihan yang tepat.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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