Last populations of microbes live between four and six miles above the Earth an atmospheric y might be living at those altituides and feasting one considered at best a pretty unpleasant location for life on carbon compound that help warm the plant, or perhaps they were launched up there by hair currents according to a new study. Researchers found 17 different bacteria taxi. Oa averaged, 20 percent.of the small particles ia the upper atmosphere are living bacteria cells. Bacteria greatly outnumber fungi in the atmosphere. The bus in the hair seem to mirror the type of bus on the surface. When the aircraft flew over the ocean, the filter caught marine bacteria, and when they were over land, they found terrestrial microbes. The bacteria lively reach such great heights through the same processed that send sea salt and dust into the hair. Some of the bacteria use carbon cempounds in the atmosphere, suggesting they might be able to survive features may have there long-term. What is especially interesting about this is the potential impact microscopic cr on our weather. Clouds are collection of liquid or frozen droplets that condensed around a nucleus, usually a piece of dust or a grain of salt. But nuclei could be made from bacteria, too. Some types of bacteria promoted the formation of ice droplets or of freezing

The sentence The bacteria lively reach such great (C) emphasize the condition that bacteria and heights.through the same processed that send sea salt and dust into the hair (paragraph 2, lives 4-5) ( is most probably meant to....

  1. explain how light materials like bacteria and dust can easily reach the space

  2. conelude the journey made by bacteria that cnables them-to-live in the sky


  3. stay in the atraosphere

  4. show a similar method by bacteria and other materials to stay in the air 

  5. speculate the path takon by bacteria and other materials to the sky

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Kalimat pada soal memiliki arti “Bakteri kemungkinan besar mencapai ketinggian (atmosfer) melalui proses yang sama dengan proses garam laut dan debu ke udara”, maka kalimat jawaban yang bermakna sama dengan kalimat tersebut adalah kalimat jawaban D, karena artinya “menunjukkan cara yang sama (prosesnya) antara bakteri dan materi lain untuk tetap berada di udara”.


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