Last holiday I visited a sheep station. I helped i...

Last holiday I visited a sheep station. I helped in the shearing sheds in the yards. On the first day the Merino withers were crutched. I helped by sweeping up after picking up the wool pieces. Shearers started early at 7.30 a.m.

After lunch (41) ... started shearing the lambs. There were more than 400 so we couldn't finish it at once. I was (42) ... by the end of the day in the shed, but our work wasn't finished. We all had to help to get the withers and lambs back to the paddocks. We also had to get a mob of ewes and their lambs into the yards for shearing the next day. Then it was time for tea. This was very long day but I (43) ... it a lot.

  1. I

  2. We

  3. You

  4. They


Kata ganti we adalah kata yang tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat rumpang di atas kerana sesuai dengan konteks kalimat berikutnya. Maka jawaban B adalah jawaban yang paling tepat.




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