Ladybirds or Ladybugs are insects from a family of...

Ladybirds or Ladybugs are insects from a family of coccinellidae. "Ladybirds" derives from Britain and the insects are known as the lady beetle. The world Coccinellid is a Latin word means scarlet.

Most ladybugs have oval-dome shaped bodies with six short legs. They can have spots, stripes or no marking at all, according to their species. Seven spotted coccinellids are red or orange with three spots on each side and one in the middle, they have a black head with white patches on each side.

Ladybirds are known as predators of aphids and scale insects. They are purely carnivorous but some species in the sub family Epilachminal are herbivores, and can be very destructive agricultural pests. They can damage the harvests.

Ladybugs are bird's prey besided frogs, wasps, spinders and dragonflies. Their bright colour discourage some potential predators learn by experience that 'good looking prey', associates to bad tast. These insects produces and allcalloid toxin when the predators attack them.

Ladybirds bite people and cause allergic reactions. In the grape orchard, they can cause the wine's production becomes poor.


"... can be very destructive agricultural pest."

The underlined word is closest in meaning to ...


  1. harmless

  2. corrosive

  3. damaging

  4. encouraging


Kata destructive mempunyai persamaan kata damaging atau yang artinya “merusak”. Jawaban A dan D salah karena artinya positif yaitu “tidak berbahaya” dan “mendukung”. Sedangkan jawaban B salah karena maknanya “korosif atau bersifat merusak”namun maknanya tidak sesuai dengan konteks kalimat.




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