Once there were two chrysanthemums growing side by side in a field, one white, one yellow. One day a gardener came and offered to take the yellow flower to his home and make her far more beautiful. The yellow flower jumped at this chance and waved to her sister as she was carried away in the gentle hands of the gardener. Day by day, the yellow flower petals grew long and soft and she looked perfect.

            One day a man came saying he was looking for a flower to put on the lord’s crest. The gardener showed the man his best flower, the yellow chrysanthemum. But the man shook his head and said that the flower had too much style and that he wanted something simpler. The yellow flower was disappointed but tried not to dwell on it.

            The man crossed the field of the white chrysanthemum. He came up to her and said, “How would you like to be the object on my lord’s crest. We would make sure you have a very nice life.” Soon she was planted in a small planter by herself on a windowsill in the lord’s mansion. The lord and his familly agreed it was perfect for their crest. So artisans came and painted the flower on all of the family’s belongings.

            As for the yellow chrysanthemum, her luxury was short lived. One day she felt a terrible feeling coming through her leaves and then she fell over and lay on the ground. The white flower was carefully conversed. The gardener were carefulnot to disrupt her simple beauty for he knew that the family had chosen her instead of the fancy yellow one, which was now dead in the gardener’s garden.

How did the yellow flower feel when the gardener took her home?

  1. She felt gloomy

  2. She was very pelased

  3. She felt envy to her sister

  4. She took a pity on her sister

M. Ardini

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni Universitas Gadjah Mada

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Dari bacaan tersebut kita tahu bahwa bunga kuning sangat senang ketika tukang kebun itu membawanya pulang atau yang ada pada jawaban B, she was very pleased (ia merasa sangat senang). Jawaban ini didukung pada kalimat ketiga paragraf pertama, The yellow flower jumped at this chance and … (Bunga kuninng itu senang sekali akan kesempatan ini dan…).


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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