Jakarta post: Researches have found a technique to quickly assess disoders in babies. This new method, published Wednesday in the magazine Science Translational Medicine, is a proof of concept that it’s possible to quickly scan a baby’s entire DNA and pinpoint a disease-causing mutation in a couple of days instead of the more typical weeks as months. The study investigation to four babies said that the test could be one of the first partical fruits of the revolution in sqeuncing an individual’s entire DNA.

            The idea behind the test is to take advantage of what is known about disease symptoms to narrow the search for genetic. And that is a good step in the rightdirection, said Dr. Joe Gray, who was not involved with the study. “How do you know what part of it to search?”

            While more research needs to be done before the test is ready for widespread use, he applauded the effort “If people don’t push the envelope like this, then we won’t get there,” Dr. Gray said.


What is the text about?

  1. The test for healthy genetic.

  2. Disease symptomps in babies.

  3. Health analysis demonstration.

  4. DNA scan tecnique  for babies.

  5. Medical research of disease symptoms.

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Jawaban terverifikasi


Berdasarkan kalimat “...This new method, ... it’s possible to quickly scan a baby’s entire DNA and pinpoint a disease-causing mutation” yang terdapat pada paragraf pertama, dapat diketahui bahwa wacana tersebut berfokus pada teknik memindai DNA bayi untuk menemukan mutasi yang menyebatkan penyakit tertentu sehingga pilihan jawaban (D) adalah yang paling tepat.


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What is the text about?



Jawaban terverifikasi


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