Choose the correct answer by crossing A, B, C, D, or E!

This text is for questions 25 to 28.

    Many people may think that learning martial arts is one way of going to learn self-defense. In fact, it can be true, but we need some years of training to be able to defend yourself against wrong people. We can use varied weapons like a taser, pepper spray, and others for self-defense. However, both learning martial arts and using varied weapons are important for self-defense. You could always challenge yourself by mastering several forms of martial arts like karate, taekwondo, kung fu, or even boxing. If you cannot afford it, you could also just learn the basic moves. There are some reasons why we should learn self-defense.

    The main reason is that by learning self-defense you can keep yourself safe and protect all the time. We must have ever heard bad criminal news on television every day. Most of the victims are women. It is scary to go outside alone at night. However, there are times that you need to go out alone. Therefore, it would be wise if you know how to defend yourself against bad people. If you can do self-defense techniques like punching, blocking, and kicking, you have better chances of keeping yourself all the time. The second reason is that learning self-defense can boost your self-confidence. It feels great to know that you can defend yourself from anyone, anytime of the day. The last reason is to improve your physical and mental strength. Joining training in martial arts will definitely improve your physical and mental strength. It will keep you healthy and strong.

    In conclusion, learning martial arts will teach you how to look strong to face the opponent. I think women and children should definitely come forward to learn self-defense.

Instead of mastering martial arts, what should we use to keep safe?

  1. Call a police to guard us.

  2. Not go outside whatever the reasons.

  3. Learn how to punch and kick.

  4. Practice to be confident.

  5. Use varied weapons such as pepper spray.

N. Puspita

Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


Jawaban untuk soal ini adalah E. Use varied weapons such as pepper spray.

Terjemahan soal yaitu, "Selain menguasai seni bela diri, apa yang harus kita gunakan untuk tetap aman?".

Jawaban dapat dilihat pada kalimat, "However, both learning martial arts and using varied weapons are important for self-defense." (Paragraf 1) (Namun, baik belajar seni bela diri dan menggunakan berbagai alat perlindungan diri itu penting untuk pertahanan diri.)

Berdasarkan informasi tersebut, dapat diketahui bahwa selain menguasai seni bela diri, yang harus disediakan untuk tetap aman adalah berbagai alat/senjata perlindungan diri.


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