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    Guava is a plant in the myrtle family (Myrtaceae) genus Psidium. It is native to Mexico and Central America, Northern South America, parts of the Caribbean and some parts of North Africa and also some parts of India. The guava tree is not big. It is about 33 feet with spreading branches. The bark is smooth with green or reddish- brown color. The plants branches are close to the ground. Its young twigs are soft. It has hard dark elliptic leaves. It is about 2-6 inches long and 1-2 inches wide. The flowers are white, with five petals and numerous stamens.

    Guava fruit, usually 2 to 4 inches long, is round or oval depending on the species. Varying between species, the skin can be any thickness, it is usually green when unripe, but become yellow or maroon when ripe. The flesh of Guava fruit is sweet or sour. The color of the flesh may be white, pink, yellow or red, with seed in the central park of the flesh. The seeds are numerous but small. In some good varieties, they are edible. Actual seed counts have ranged from 112 to 535. Guava fruit is rich with vitamins A and C, omega-3 and omega -6, gutty acids and high levels of dietary fiber.


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jawaban yang tepat adalah, botanist or students.


Soal di atas meannyakan tentang kira-kira apa profesi penulis teks di atas.

Jika dilihat dari pembahasan ada kemungkinan seorang peneliti tanaman (botanist). Jika dari cara berbahasa yang cenderung memilih kata-kata sederhana dan tidak begitu spesifik, ada kemungkinan seorang awam atau seorang pelajar.

Jadi jawaban yang tepat adalah, botanist or students.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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