In 1854, Louise Pasteur was appointed of chemistry...

In 1854, Louise Pasteur was appointed of chemistry at the University of Lille. He demonstrated that organism such as bacteria were responsible for souring wine, been even milk. He then invented a process where bacteria could be removed by boiling and then cooling the liquid. Today the process is known as pasteurization. He completed the first test on April 20, 1862.

In 1865, Pasteur helped to save the silk industry. He proved that microbes were attacking healthy silkworm eggs, causing the diseases, and the disease can be cured by eliminating the microbes.

Pasteur first vaccine discovery was in 1879, with a disease called chicken pox. After accidentally exposing chicken to the attenuated form, he demonstrated that became resistant to the actual virus. Pasteur went on to extend his germ theory to develop a lot of vaccine for disease such as anthrax, cholera, TB, and smallpox.

From the text, we can conclude that …  

  1. Louis Pasteur is a method of processing milk

  2. Louis Pasteur found no cure for anthrax and cholera

  3. Louis Pasteur had his own silk industry

  4. Louis Pasteur invented a method called pasteurization


Dari teks di atas, kita dapat menyimpulkan bahwa Louis Pasteur menemukan suatu metode yang disebut pasteurisasi seperti yang ada pada kalimat keempat paragraf pertama. Maka jawaban D adalah jawaban yang tepat.




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