I am sure most of you have downloaded music a numb...

I am sure most of you have downloaded music a number of times. Downloading music is one of our favourite activities on the Internet. Most of us love surfing web sites that facilitate music downloads. Downloading music may make it conveniently available. But does it have a negative effect on the music industry?

Downloading music makes it readily available to the masses. Music reaches the masses in minute. When it can be downloaded, music lovers get what they need without struggling for long periods of time. When music becomes available within sometime after its release, it is a real musical treat for those waiting for the release.

When you download music, you save on the costs that would be incurred if you would have decided to buy it. The original copies of music need you shell out big bucks. If music is downloadable, you are sure to save money and thanks to the facilities of free downloading.

Supporters of music downloading claim that making music readily available contributes to the increased popularity of the artist. The concept of making music available for free downloads has in fact contributed to the fame of the music industry. Being available for download, music reaches the crowd in relatively lesser amount of time thus boosting its popularity.

On the other hand, though downloading music makes it readily available to the masses, it also makes it spreadable and wide overly. Something that is scarce is precious while something that is plentiful and easy to get tends to have lesser value.

The practice of downloading music leads to the diminishing sales of music cassettes, CDs and DVDs. It reduces the sale figures of music companies. It has an adverse effect on the music industry.

Downloading music gives rise to copyright and piracy issue. By downloading music you lose its originality. When you use the copied versions of music; you indirectly encourage piracy. As you download music, you do not go for the purchase of the original copies of music, which may result in an indirect violation of copyright.

What can you infer from the text?

  1. The number of supporters in music downloading is becoming higher

  2. Music lovers always download music from the internet

  3. Downloading music could give us some money

  4. Downloading music could lower its royalty

  5. Downloading music could increase sales


Berdasarkan kalimat "It reduces the sale figures of music companies" yang terdapat pada kalimat ke-2 di paragraf ke-6, dapat diketahui bahwa pengunduhan mengurangi angka penjualan album fisik yang dimiliki perusahaan musik, dan secara langsung juga mengurangi jumlah royalti yang diterima musisi berdasarkan angka penjualan albumnya sehingga pilihan jawaban (D) adalah yang paling tepat.




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