How old is Maria?


Read the following self descriptions. And then answer the questions.

My brother Sam:

    Sam is only ten years old. He's an elementary school student in grade four. Sam has short, red hair, big ears, and a small mouth. He doesn't wear glasses. Unfortunately, he doesn't like to study very much. He thinks it's much better to watch TV and play video games. His favorite game is called 'Monster Shark Attack!' He says that he wants to be an airline pilot when he grows up. Sometimes, on weekends, his friends come over to our home to play. Sam is my brother, and I like him, but sometimes he's a little lazy and a little noisy!

My sister, Maria:

    Maria is 23 years old. She's tall and has long, brown, wavy hair and she has green eyes. Maria sometimes wears red glasses and she often reads books in the library. When she doesn't read, you can sometimes find her in the gym. She likes to exercise two or three times a week. Because she likes to exercise, she is thin, strong and healthy. She is also a very funny person and she loves to talk with people and make them laugh, so she has lots of friends. Maria has a big, friendly smile and I think she is a beautiful person. Everyone loves her and, of course, I am very happy that she is my older sister!

How old is Maria?

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Master Teacher

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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang benar adalah "Maria is 23 years old."


Soal ini menanyakan berapa usia Maria.

Jawaban dari pertanyaan ini dapat ditemukan pada teks kedua pada kalimat pertama yang berbunyi "Maria is 23 years old" yang artinya "Maria berusia 23 tahun".

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah "Maria is 23 years old."


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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