Answer the following questions based on the text below!

Budi loves animals. He often goes to the bird market not far from his house. He likes watching different kinds of birds there.
At home, his father keeps two birds. Everyday, Budi helps him look after the birds. He cleans the cages and feeds the birds every afternoon. He gives them special bird food. He enjoys doing all this.
Budi has a pet too. It is a cat. His name is Manis. He is three years old. He eats meat or rice. He is really nice. He catches every mouse which comes into the house. Budi likes Manis very much.

How many birds are there at Budi’s house?

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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawabannya adalah There are two birds at Budi's house.


Soal ini berarti "Ada berapa burung di rumahnya Budi?" Untuk menjawab soal ini bisa dilihat pada kalimat "At home, his father keeps two birds."  Jadi, di rumahnya Budi ayahnya memelihara dua burung.

Dengan demikian, jawabannya adalah There are two birds at Budi's house.


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