Hi! I am Sill and this is Slow Easy English. 14 to...

Hi! I am Sill and this is Slow Easy English. 14 tourists died today in Egypt. They were in a hot air balloon and it exploded, causing it to fall to the ground. They were 21 people riding in the balloon when it fell. The balloon fell about 300 m which is almost 1000 feet. The accident happened in the city of Luxor. The earlier report said that 19 people were killed, but that number was later revised to 14. The tourists were from Hongkong, Japan, Britain, France, Hungary. There was also an Egyptian pilot and one Egyptian passenger. 4 passengers were still missing. After the crash, the Government is banning all hot air balloon flights until further notice. Hot air balloon accidents like this are rare. The last one similar to this happened in Australia where 13 people were killed when 2 hot air balloons collided.


1. Mark the passive voice stated in the text!


Kalimat pasif dalam bahasa Inggris mempunyai pola: S + to be (is/am/are/was/were/be/been) + Verb 3.

Kalimat tersebut yaitu kalimat Simple Past Tense, sehingga menggunakan to be berupa was atau were.

Jadi, kalimat yang menunjukkan kalimat pasif pada teks tersebut adalah:

1. 19 people were killed

2. that number was later revised to 14

3. 13 people were killed




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