Hawaii Excelsior Hotel August 4t, 2012 Dea...


Hawaii Excelsior Hotel

August 4t, 2012

Dear Marry,

How are you ? Have you finally found a new flat ? and how was your holiday ?

I'm writing to you from Hawaii. I came a week ago and stayed with my friend, Caroline, in a luxurious hotel called Excelsior Hotel. We had a spacious, confortable room with a large terrace overlooking the ocean.

Yesterday, we started learning surging. We really enjoyed it and the instructor said were doing quite weell. I started scuba diving course three days ago and tomorrow I'm going to dive in the ocean for the first time. Im very excired about it! Thats all for now , i must rush for a spectacular party tonighy


Take care,


What did Jessica do three days ago ?




  1. Arrived in Hawaii

  2. Stayed in a hotel

  3. Decide to learn surfing

  4. Started scuba diving course


Yang dilakukan Jessica tiga hari yang lalu adalah mulai mengikuti kursus menyelam atau “started scuba diving course” seperti ang ada pada pilihan jawaban D. Informasi ini dapat dilihat pada kalimat ketiga paragraph kedua yang menyatakan “I started scuba diving course three days ago and …” (Saya mulai kursus menelam 3 hari ang lalu dan…).




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