Guava is a plant native from Mexico and Central America, Northern South America, parts of the Caribbean, some parts of North Africa, and some parts of India.

A guava tree is not big. It is about 33 feet with spreading branches. The bark is smooth with green or reddish brown color. The plant branches are close to the ground.

Guavas are cultivated in many tropical and sub tropical countries for their edible fruit. The fruit is round or oval depending on the species. It is usually green when unripe, but becomes yellow or maroon when ripe. The flesh of the fruit is sweet or sour. The color of the flesh may be white, pink, yellow, or red, with the seed in the central part of the flesh. The seed are numerous but small. In some good varieties, they are edible. Guavas are rich with vitamins A and C, Omega-3 and Omega-6, gutty acids and dietary fibers.


Based on the text, what does the third paragraph talk about?

  1. The fruit of guavas

  2. The taste of guavas

  3. The size of a guava tree

  4. The colour of guava flesh

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Pada paragraf terakhir dibahas tentang buah jambu, mulai dari bentuk, ukuran, warna daging, juga kandungan yang terdapat di dalamnya, maka pilihan jawaban yang tepat adalah (A) ‘The fruit of guavas’ atau ‘buah jambu’


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