Global Warning     Global warning could melt the...

Global Warning

    Global warning could melt the ice at the poles. This would raise the level of the oceans. Water would the cover all the flat coastal lands. People would have less land on which to live and grow food.
    Plants and animals are adapted to their climates. If the climates changes rapidly many may not be able to adapt. Some species will simply die out. Others may spread to cooler climates. There, however, they will be struggling with species already in place.
    Burning less wood, coal, oil, and natural gas will help stop global warming. Scientists recommend that people get more energy from sunlight, wind, tides, nuclear energy, and other sources that don't burn fuel. Energy sources like these put little or no greenhouse gases into the air.
    Scientists say trees can help prevent global warning. All growing plants take carbon dioxide out of the air. Trees do this especially well. They turn the carbon part of carbon dioxide into wood. They release the oxygen. In recent years, people have been cutting down forests all over the world. Scientists say vast new forest must be planted.

(Source: Microsoft Encarta 2009. 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation.)

Who change the atmosphere?


Teks di atas berisi tentang fenomena alam global warming (pemanasan global). Pada paragraf kedua disebutkan bahwa "burning less wood, coal, oil, and natural gas will help stop global warming" sehingga yang menyebabkan terjadi pemanasan global adalah pembakaran sumber bahan bakar. Hasil dari pembakaran ini yang menyebabkan terjadinya efek rumah kaca di bumi.

Jadi, berdasarkan keterangan dari teks di atas yang mengubah iklim di bumi adalah "the result of burning wood, coal, oil, and natural gas which produces carbon dioxide".




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