From the text we know that ____.


The following text is for questions 17 to 20.

    Raden Otto Iskandardinata, also called Otista and nicknamed Si Jalak Harupat, born on March 3, 1897 and disappeared on December 19, 1945, was a fighter for Indonesia's liberation from the Dutch rule and an Indonesian State Minister. He is a National Hero of lndonesia.

    In his activities during the period before independence, Otto had served as Deputy Chairperson of the Bandung branch of Budi Utomo between 1921 and 1924, as well as Deputy Chairperson of Budi Utomo in Pekalongan branch in 1924. At that time, he became a member of Pekalongan's Gemeenteraad ("City Council") representing Budi Utomo.

    Otto was also active in a Sundanese cultural organization called Paguyuban Pasundan. He became Secretary of the Executive Board in 1928, and became Chairman between 1929.and 1942. The organization was engaged in education, sociocultural, political, economic, youth and women's empowerment.

    Otto also became a member of the Volksraad ("People's Council", equivalent to present-day DPR) between 1930 and 1941.

    During the Japanese occupation, he became the head of the Tjahaja newspaper. He later became a member of the BPUPKI and the PPKI formed by the Japanese colonial government as institutions that helped preparation for Indonesia's independence.

    His image appeared on the 2004-2016 series of the 20,000 Indonesian rupiah note. His name is now used as street name in various cities in Indonesia on different formats; Otto Iskandardinata, Otto Iskandar Dinata, Otista, and Jalak Harupat. The latter is a Sundanese-mythical strong and courageous rooster. It is used as name for Jalak Harupat Stadium, located in his hometown.

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From the text we know that ____.

  1. Otto took part in realizing Indonesian independence.

  2. During the Japanese occupation, Otto worked for Budi Utomo.

  3. Otto's nickname is used as the name of a government building

  4. One of Oto's nicknames was taken from a legendary mammal.

  5. Otto helped spread the news of independence through Tjahaja newspaper.

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jawaban yang benar adalah A.


Jawaban dari pertanyaan tersebut dapat ditemukan di paragraf kelima dimana dijelaskan bahwa Otto menjadi anggota dari BPUPKI dan PPKI yang bertugas mempersiapkan kemerdekaan Indonesia.

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah A.


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What can we conclude from the text?



Jawaban terverifikasi


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