From the text, we can conclude that Marc lives in ...


This text is for number 1-5!

    Marc texted me this afternoon, saying that he was already back from his trip to Taiwan. He wanted me to come to his house. He said he had brought me something from his trip. I was so excited to read his text that I biked to his house at once. 

    When I arrived, he led me to his room. Then, he gave me a small package. He said it was special and I could not find it here in Amsterdam. I quickly opened the package and saw this terrifying thing. It was a lollipop, a regular one. However, something black was in the middle of this sweet. It was a scorpion!

    Marc laughed at me when he saw my shocked face. He said, "I've already tried one. It's OK." He, then, took another package and opened it. He showed me another lollipop with a spider in it. 

From the text, we can conclude that Marc lives in ... 

  1. Amsterdam

  2. Taiwan

  3. Jakarta

  4. Paris

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Master Teacher

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jawaban paling tepat adalah opsi A


Soal di atas menanyakan tentang dimanakah Marc tinggal. Hal tersebut dijelaskan pada kalimat ketiga dari paragraf kedua yaitu "He said that it was special and I could not find it here in Amsterdam". 

Jadi, jawaban paling tepat adalah opsi A


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