Each keyboard uses a series of switches to provide messages to the computer. The keys are nested on rubber dome switches that contain carbon in the center. This causes each key to be pressed down and come right back up when you do not press it anymore. Keyboards contain anywhere between 80 to 110 keys, but there could be more. The keyboard also has a microprocessor, to respect the frequency with which signals are passed. Regardless of how sophisticated your keyboard is, keyboards generally use the same system for transmitting signals to the computers that they are attached to.


When a key is pressed, the rubber dome switch pushes down on the circuit board, making its center carbon contact touch the circuit, completing an electrical circuit. This instructs the keyboard to send a signal. Signals from the keyboard continue to be sent at a certain frequency, regulated by the microprocessor. Keyboards have internal circuit boards, meaning it must pull power somewhere. Whether a keyboard uses a USB cable or a PS/2 cable, when the computer detects a keyboard connected, it will supply to the keyboard through the cable. Wireless keyboards work differently in that they are powered by an internal battery. The wireless portal is powered by the computer, and a signal is shared between the two devices, using infrared, radio or Bluetooth technology. However, wireless keyboards are similar to wired keyboards in that they both have a similar structure, sending signals when a circuit is completed on their circuit boards. The only difference is how the signal reaches its destination.

What is the main function of a computer keyboard?

  1. To help a microprocessor work

  2. To save data from the computer

  3. To nest the keys on rubber dome

  4. To transmit signals to the computer

  5. To receive messages from the computer

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Berdasarkan kalimat “Keyboards generally use the same system for transmitting signals to the computers...” yang terdapat pada kalimat terakhir di paragraf pertama, dapat diketahui bahwa keyboard menggunakan sistem yang berfungsi untuk mengirimkan sinyal ke komputer sehingga pilihan jawaban (D) adalah yang paling tepat.


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