Dr. Mohammad Hatta was born in Bukittinggi, West Sumatera, Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). He was Indonesia’s first Vice President, later also served as the country’s prime minister. Known as the ‘proclamator’, he and a number of Indonesian people including the first President of Indonesia Soekarno, fought for the independence of Indonesia from Dutch. Despites his efforts to gain Indonesian independence, he studied in the Netherlands from 1921 until 1932.

                Moreover, after this early education, he studied in Dutch School in Indonesia. He is more remembered as Bung Hatta (Bung is an affectionate title used to address colleagues, popular in the early 1900 and is still used by Indonesians).




Based on the text above, we know that …

  1. Ir. Soekarno is usually called by Bung Karno

  2. Bung Hatta studied in Indonesia after 1932

  3. Bung Karno and Bung Hatta were close friends

  4. Bung Hatta was the first President of Indonesia

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Dari bacaan di atas, kita tahu bahwa Bung Hatta belajar di Indonesia setelah tahun 1932. Hal ini terdapat pada kalimat pertama paragraf terakhir, …after his early education, he studied in Dutch Schools in Indonesia (…setelah pendidikan awalnya, ia belajar di sekolah Belanda yang ada di Indonesia). Pada paragraf pertama kalimat terakhir dijelaskan bahwa Hatta belajar di Belanda dari tahun 1921-1932. Setelah itu, dia belajar di Indonesia. Maka jawaban B adalah jawaban yang tepat.


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