Did you ride your like to school when you were a k...

Did you ride your like to school when you were a kid? A generation ago most kids rode, walked or caught the bus to school; very few of us were dropped off by our parents at the school gate. These days most of us have experienced the daily traffic jams around school at drop-off and pick-up times, as parents drive their children to the school gate. While there is no national data on the number of children who walk or ride to school, a recent Victorian survey found early half of all children are driven to school every day.

Parents choose to drop their kids at school for a number of reasons ..... mostly to do with safety and convenience. But experts say chauffeuring your kids to school every day could mean they are missing out on much-needed exercise and other life skills.

Reasearch suggests at least a third of Australian children aged 9-16 years are not getting the amount of daily physical activity recommended in national guidelines. But this is not because children participation in leisure or potting activities has dropped off, says Dr Can Garrard. Participation in these activities has not altered much over he years, Garrard says but what has changed is the level of incidental activity children do. "When you look at countries where children are just active as part of everyday life, they do not have to be sports. All they have to do is to get around the way the community get around by walking and cycling, and they get enough physical activity," she says.

Dr. Garrard's statement "... where children are just active as part of everyday life, they do not have to be sporty..." (paragraph 3 line 5) may be best restated that....

  1. children who are active do not automatically mean they will be good at sport

  2. being muscular shoud not be the aim of children who are naturally active

  3. childern's physical fitness is not closely related with their daily activities

  4. activeness in children does not mean to make these children physically fit

  5. when naturally active, children need no more scheduled sports activities


Maksud kalimatnya adalah anak-anak aktif sebagai bagian dari kehidupan sehari-hari tidak harus “sporty” atau senang olahraga, maka kalimat tersebut memiliki makna yang sama dengan kalimat jawaban A yang memiliki makna anak-anak yang aktif bukan berarti mereka harus hebat dalam berolahraga.




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