Dear Phatony,

We're spending a week at a resort on the coast. There are lots of plastic donkeys and silly hats in the shops. It's really a touristy place. I think it's a horrible place.

I rode a bike on Monday, but I fell off and hurt my leg. I wanted to try water skiing or windsurving, but I couldn't.

Yesterday, Mum and Dad just lay on the beach sunbathing all morning. Then we had a picnic, but it was too hot and there were lots of flies. I wanted to go on a boat trip in the afternoon, but we went sightseeing instead. They took lots of photos, but I thought it was really boring. Even the weather's boring : it's just sunny the whole time.

I can't wait to pack my bag and go home.



In Ramadhan's opinion, what's the resort like?

  1. silly

  2. nice

  3. sunny

  4. horibble

S. Sumiati

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

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Berdasarkan teks bacaan di atas, Ramadhan menceritakan tempat dimana ia berlibur pada paragraf
pertama. Kalimat “It’s really a touristy place. I think it’s a horrible place” merupakan kalimat yang ia
gunakan untuk menjelaskan resort tempat ia berlibur.


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