Complete the blank space for number 9 using the wo...

Complete the blank space for number 9 using the words in the box.

(1) ________  is a boy wizard who has taken over the world. He is everywhere. No one had heard of Harry Potter before (2) ________ . That’s when J.K. Rowling published her first (3) ________. She’s the (4) ________ of Harry Potter. The first novel was called ‘Harry Potter and the (5) ________'  and it became an amazing success. Everyone was talking about it and Harry became an overnight (6) ________. Six more Harry Potter books followed and they all became best sellers. People went crazy over every new book. (7) ________ waited overnight outside a bookstore to make sure they got their copy of the (8) ________. My friends are 40 years old! Harry Potter is now a global industry, with (9) ________ and merchandise of all kinds. It’s (10) ________ how big he is.undefined



Kata yang bisa digunakan untuk melengkapi nomor 9 adalah "movies" yang berarti "film". Harry Potter saat ini telah menjadi industri global dengan film dan barang segala jenis.

Dengan demikian, jawaban yang tepat adalah movies.undefined




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