Choose the correct meanings of the underlined words. " ... yet we are very social and communal."


Read the following text to fill in the L column, then answer the questions.

Mutual Assistance In Indonesia: Why?

    According to the extracts above, it is very clear that gotong royong still plays a very important role in Indonesia. Gotong royong or mutual assistance is a traditional Indonesian custom of helping each other or sharing the burden. The tradition has been passed down from generation to generation everywhere across the country. Indeed, this character has been immortalised and associated with one of the five principles that make up the state ideology, Pancasila.

    In Indonesia, especially in villages, people engage in gotong royong or work hand in hand to help individuals who face obstacles, because of their compassion. The types of work usually done with gotong royong are building a bridge or a villager's house, cleaning the neighbourhood, farming, harvesting the plantation, preparing someone's wedding, and so on. Amazingly, this collective work does not demand any compensation. Therefore, people only hope that their neighbours will also reciprocate by offering help when they need it.

    Gotong royong activities can also function by means of a collective group action that essentially improves access to services and improves welfare. Besides, those may stem from the overall relationships with others in the community that are being established in local associations, and which may well be more important than the specific function of the associations.

    The members with similar social or economic characteristics may find it easier to interact and establish trust. As a result, gotong royong activities make associations more effective. Effectiveness of social capital greatly depends on the level of trust among community members who directly take part in the formation of social capital.

    Like bees, Indonesians do many things together. We're very diverse, yet we are very social and communal. Because of the advantages of gotong royong, do you believe that it still plays an important role in our lives?

Choose the correct meanings of the underlined words.

" ... yet we are very social and communal."


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jawaban yang tepat adalah "communal means doing something together." undefined  


Kata "communal" dalam kalimat "... yet we are very social and communal" dapat kita terjemahkan menjadi "komunal". Berdasarkan pilihan jawaban yang ada, yang tepat digunakan untuk memaknai kata "communal" adalah "doing something together" atau "melakukan sesuatu bersama-sama". 

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah "communal means doing something together." undefined  


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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