Barcelona: Lionel Messi preferred to focus on winning trophies rather than attempting to better the 73 goals he scored for Barcelona last season, when he spoke at a news conference on Wednesday.

The world player of the year rattled in an unprecedented tally in all competitions in the last campaign, helping Pep Guardiola end his four-year tenure as coach with another four trophies to add to the 10 he had already won.

"I'm not looking to beat my tally of goals, that is not my objective," Messi said. "I want to try and develop as a player and to give more to the team. I hop I still have margin to continue improving. My objective is to win more titles."

Real Madrid and Cgelsea denied Barca the major prizes last year, Jose Mourinho's side winning La Liga and Chelsea knocking them our of the Champions League in the semi-finals on their way to a final victory over Bayern Munich.

"I how we can get back to winning everthing again," he added.

"We know it is very difficult to do, but I am still hurting from losing the semi-final against Chelsea with the penalty I missed, and La Liga with the defeat to Madrid at the Nou Cam." (News: Sport)


Why did Chelsea deny Barca major prizes last year?

  1. Chelsea didn't win in the championship because of Barca's competence and luck.

  2. Real Madrid and Chelsea worried to Barca to become the championship.

  3. Barca won the championship because of suicide goal.

  4. Real Madrid had draw with Barca in this competition.

  5. Barca neither won in champion league and La Liga.


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Dalam paragraf 4 dari teks di atas dapat diketahui bahwa Bracelona kalah dalam pertandingannya dengan Chelsea di semi final sehingga Barcelona sudah dipastikan tidak dapat memenangkan Liga Champion. Barcelona juga mengalami kekalahan dalam pertandingan melawan Real Madrid dan tidak mampu memenangkan kejuaraan La Liga. Berdasarkan informasi tersebut maka pilihan jawaban yang tepat adalah (E).


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