August 11th, 2012   James Stephen 15th Park Lane...

August 11th, 2012


James Stephen
15th Park Lane,


Dear James,
Everything is fine here and I hope you do too. I hope your studies are going great. I am writing this letter to invite you and your family to come here (Mumbai) for this summer holidays. Since we've been apart for a long time, I want to spend this summer holidays with our families and I think we will enjoy it a lot.


We are planning to go to some cool places or a mountainous area during this time so that we can have a good time. The options are Ooty, Darjeeling, Shimla and many others. After we decide the place, we can arrange trips to nearby places as well. We will make this trip as a memorable one. Please let me know if you have any other place in mind, we will consider that as well. Reply me soon so that we can plan it well. Awaiting your reply.


Your loving friend,


Where does James live?

  1. Hyderabad

  2. Mumbay

  3. Shimlaa

  4. Ooty


Berdasarkan surat tersebut, dapat diketahui alamat dari James yang tertera pada bagian kiri atas yaitu 15 th Park Lane, Hyderabad, sehingga pilihan jawaban yang tepat adalah (A).




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