Ryan Lochte and Sun Yang were among the few who weren't concerned about getting wet when heavy rain saturated London Olympic Park on Sunday.

After a week of sunshine, rain and the forecast of hail on the second day affected  the start of tennis on the lawn courts at Wimbledon and made for slippery conditions in the women's cycling road race.

It didn't seem to bother the swimmers. Lochte had the second-fastest time in qualifying for the 200-meter freestyle, the morning after his stunning win in a 400-meter individual medley final. 

"I didn't get to bed until like 2 a.m. so I'm a little tired,  but it was a prelims swim, so I'm not too worried about it," said Locthe, who went out with family and friends to celebrate his victory. Phil's won an unprecedented eight golds at the Beijing Olympics, but now can't win any more than six in London. 

China's Sun is on track for a second gold medal after leading qualifiers in the 200 freestyle in 1 minute 46,24 seconds the morning after his victory in the 400 freestyle.

While the weather was bad,  there were other blights: a female gymnast from Uzbekistan was provisionally suspended after failing a doping test,  the second case of the games. The IOC says Luiza Galiulina tested positive for the diuretic furosemide on Wednesday.


Which of the following games was most affected bad weather on Sunday? 

  1. Tennis on the lawn courts

  2. Swimming competition

  3. Women's running race

  4. All of  the Olimpic Games

  5. The gymnastics

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