Answer the question based on the dialogue above. 2. Who are talking in the dialogue?


Read the following dialogue!

Situation: It's the second time for Farel to join the football extracurricular at school. He is talking to Dimas, one of the football team members at break time.

Dimas: How do you feel so far to practice with our team?

Farel: I feel happy. It's very fun to play football with you and the others.

Dimas: Great. I see you go to school by bus. Do you live far from school?

Farel: No, I live near here. It's only four kilometers from school.

Dimas: Where do you live?

Farel: I live at Antariksa Street No. 40, Palembang.

Dimas: Do you live with your parents?

Farel: Yes, and with my elder sister. Do you really like playing football?

Dimas: I do. It's my hobby.

Farel: So do I. I like playing drum too actually.

Dimas: Really?

Farel: I practice playing drum at the music course twice a week. I've joined the course for two years

Dimas: You must be very good at playing drum.

Farel: I think I still need to learn more. I want to be a professional drummer one day

Dimas: That sounds great. Did you have mathematics test this morning at your class?

Farel: Yes, I did. Did you also have it?

Dimas: Yes. The test was so difficult. In my view, mathematics is the most difficult subject.

Farel: Mathematics is my favorite subject.

Dimas: Why do you like it?

Farel: I like it because it is so challenging.

Answer the question based on the dialogue above.

2. Who are talking in the dialogue?

D. Putri

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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawabannya adalah Diana, Debby and Mother.


Terjemahan soal yaitu, "Siapa saja yang berbicara dalam dialog tersebut?".

Yang berbicara dalam dialog tersebut adalah Diana, Debby, dan Mother.

Jadi, jawabannya adalah Diana, Debby and Mother.


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Answer the question based on the dialogue above. 6. How often does Farel practice playing drum?



Jawaban terverifikasi


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