Albert Einstein is a famous scientist. When he was a boy he was not smart, he even failed in his study. When his teacher gave him some works or asked him about the lesson, he could not do the task or answer questions. His friends were used to insult him with the calling "stupid boy". It happened in the school.

        He was really upset when he was expelled from school and spent most of his day reading in his bedroom. After that he returned to school and stood out as the smartest among other students. People was amazed at his finding, the theory of quantum of speed (E=Mc2), and his success in creating a very explosive bomb that called atomic bomb. Nevertheless he regretted it, because it killed many lives when dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan in 1945. Even though the same weapon also made them surrender and end the World War II.

"His friends were used to insult him ..." (paragraph 1)

The word "insult" in the sentence is synonymous to ....

  1. praise

  2. looked down

  3. please

  4. looked up

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Persamaan kata “insult” adalah “looked down” (menghina), maka jawaban B adalah jawaban yang tepat. Jawaban A kurang tepat karena artinya “menghargai”, jawaban C salah karena artinya adalah “menyenangkan” dan jawaban D salah karena artinya adalah “menghargai atau menghormati”.


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