About the story: What is his dream?


Read the story below and answer the questions.

    (Chicago, USA) Sho Yano is a genius. He is only 12, but he is already studying medicine at the University of Chicago. He wants to become a doctor. Sho enjoys school. "I love to learn', he says. Sho can also play the piano beautifully and he does tae kwon do too. Sho grew up in California with his family. His mother is Korean and his father is Japanese. Both of them are teachers. He says that his parents never push him. "But sometimes I pull them a long!" Sho smiles. His mother agrees with him. "He will decide his own life", she says. Sho dreams of fighting diseases like cancer in the future. This intelligent young man will surely succeed!

Source: Totally True, book 2, Jann Hizenga, Oxford University Press

About the story:

What is his dream?

D. Putri

Master Teacher

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Jawaban terverifikasi


terjemahan yang sekaligus menjadi jawaban yaitu "His dream is to become a doctor.".


Terjemahan soal yaitu "Apa mimpinya?". Mimpi yang dimaksud dalam pertanyaan ini adalah cita-cita.

Jawaban terdapat di paragraf 1 pada kalimat  "He wants to become a doctor." yang artinya "Dia ingin menjadi seorang dokter.".

Berdasarkan hal tersebut, dapat diketahui bahwa mimpinya adalah untuk menjadi seorang dokter.

Jadi, terjemahan yang sekaligus menjadi jawaban yaitu "His dream is to become a doctor.".


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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