A mouse that cured

A new ally againts cancer

Dr. Megan Sykes, a medical researcher, has a mouse with human immune system - her own. She calls it "Mini-Me."

There are also mice containing a part of 9 year old Michael Feeney-a cancerous tumor extracted from his lungs. Researches have tasted various drugs on the mice, hoping to fine the treatment that would work best for Michael.

In what could be the ultimate in personalized mediciine, animals bearing your diseas, or part of your anatomy, can serve as your personal guinea pig, so to speak. Some researches call them avatars, like the virtual character in movies and online games.

"The mice allow you the opprtunity to test drugs to find out which ones will be efficacious without exposing the patient to toxity." saidColin Collins, a professor at the University of British Columbia.

Experiments on mice have been done for decades, including implanting people's tumors into the animals. But the techniquea have improved in the past few years and interest is growing. The National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, held a workshop on personalized animal models which are mainly being used for research. Companies are beginning to commercialize them for use in drug development and medical treatment as well.

Expert caution that it has not been proved that the use of avatars will prolong the lives if cancer patients. And it costs tens of thousands of dollars, which insurer will not cover, to create and test a colony and test a colony of the animals.

"It's an act of faith to say this is a superior way of proceeding," said Dr. Edward Sausville, a professor of medicine at the University of Maryland.

"... a cacerous tumor extracted from his lungs." (paragraph 2)

The underline word is synonimous with ....

  1. removed

  2. pushed

  3. reveled

  4. pressed

  5. taken

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Berdasarkan kalimat “a cancerous tumor extracted from his lungs”, dapat diketahui bahwa ada tumor yang bersifat kanker yang diangkat dari paru-parunya sehingga pilihan jawaban (E) ‘taken’ atau ‘diambil’ adalah yang paling tepat. Pilihan jawaban (A) salah karena artinya ‘dihilangkan’ atau ‘dicopot’, (B) salah karena artinya ‘didorong’, (C) salah karena artinya ‘memperoleh suatu kenikmatan dari sesuatu’ dan (D) salah karena artinya ‘ditekan’.



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