Read the dialogues below! Then identify the expressions of giving compliment!

1. lka: Your hair is nice. You look fresh.

Rani: Thank you .

2. Emma: I love your shoes. They are cute. Are they new?

Anis: Thanks. I bought them few days ago.

Emma: They suit on you.

3. Deddy: You have such a lovely voice. I like it.

Sarah: That's very kind of you. I'm glad you think that.

Deddy: Your voice looks like a professional singer. The way you sing is also incredible.

4. Haris: What a nice drawing! You are very talented.Ferdy: Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

5. Mr. Amir: You're a mazing. Your dancing move looks like a professional.

Yuni: Thank you, Sir. I practiced hard for it.

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"What is being complemented" memiliki arti "Apa yang dipuji". "Expression of complimenting" memiliki arti "Ekspresi pujian". "Extension" memiliki arti "perpanjangan/perluasan". "Adjectives to compliment" memiliki arti "Kata sifat untuk memuji".

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