4. Who was Tumang?


Read the text carefully and answer the questions


    Some upon times ago, there was a family which lived in the palace of Priangan Land. They were happy family although  a father was a dog “Tumang”, a mother was Dayang Sumbi and a son was Sangkuriang. One day, Dayang Sumbi asked her son to hunt a deer at the deer. He went the jungle but the fortune was not at him, He did  not get a deer. He felt so bored so he decided to kill Tumang.
    After getting at home, he gave Tumang’s liver but he told that it was a deer’s liver. But Dayang Sumbi did not believe that it was deer’s liver but Tumang’s liver, because she did not see Tumang at home. She was so angry so asked him to go out.
    After some years later, Sangkuriang became a handsome teen. He like travelling many places, and finally he met a beautiful woman in a village. He felt in love with her, They loved each other and discussed about their wedding plan. But Dayang Sumbi  was shocked after looking at his wound on his head, she was sure that he was her son, Sangkuriang.
    She tried to make him not to get marry her, she gave a wish that Sangkuriang could make a huge ship and large lake for a night. Sangkuriang was not afraid, he tried as fast and strong as he could. In almost the ending of the finishing. Dayang Sumbi woke up the chicken to crow. Sangkuriang was so angry, he kicked the ship onto the lake, it became  tobe a mount. It was called Tangkuban Perahu mount.

4. Who was Tumang?

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Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang benar adalah Tumang was Sangkuriang's father.


Arti dari pertanyaan diatas adalah siapakah Tumang. Kita dapat menemukan jawabannya dalam kalimat "a father was a dog “Tumang”" yang berarti "seorang ayah yang berwujud anjing bernama Tumang".

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah Tumang was Sangkuriang's father.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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