25. What is the text about?


A. Choose the correct answers. The following dialogue is for questions 25 to 32.

    I visited my cousin in lndragiri Hilir last week and was experienced a terrifying moment which I would never forget.

    I arrived at Hasan's house at about ten in the morning. Uncle Anto, Hasan's father was waiting for his friends when I arrived. After taking a rest, Uncle Anto asked me if I wanted to join him to go his palm farm together with his friends. I was excited by the offer. Hasan joined us too.

    Hasan, Uncle Anto, four other men and I set for the farm on a jeep. The jeep went through dusty and bumpy roads before stopping at a large palm farm. It was about two in the afternoon and the heat was so bad. All of us walked around the farm. Uncle Hasan and his friends were observing the palm trees, while Hasan and I were following them and chatting.

    We were about to go back to our car, when suddenly Uncle Anto stopped and whispered to us. He asked us to stop walking. "Bonita is here," he whispered. At first I didn't understand him, but when I saw a big tiger watching us from only 30 metre distance, I was quickly alert to the danger.

    Uncle Anto ordered us to walk slowly backwards. Bonita was still watching us. She did not move. Then Uncle Hasan asked us to turn around and walk away from Bonita. However, when we started to walk, she seemed to start walking slowly, too. "Do not panic. Go climb the trees," Uncle Anto whispered to us again.

    We climbed the nearest trees without making any noise. I sat on one of the tree's strong branches. Then, Bonita stopped walking towards us. She lay down while watching us.

    We waited and waited for about two hours, but Bonita didn't move. She was still there, watching us. Uncle Anto decided to call the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA). When the team arrived, Bonita had already left.

25. What is the text about?

  1. A scary experience that happened to the writer

  2. An experience of hunting a tiger.

  3. An unforgettable experience.

  4. A tour of the palm farm

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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang benar adalah C. An unforgettable experience.


Jawaban untuk soal ini adalah C.

Soal ini menanyakan isi wacana.

Berdasarkan teks, dapat disimpulkan bahwa isi dari teks tersebut adalah tentang pengalaman si penulis yang tak terlupakan atau "An unforgettable experience" sebagaimana ditunjukan pada kalimat "I visited my cousin in lndragiri Hilir last week and was experienced a terrifying moment which I would never forget." atau "Saya mengunjungi sepupu saya di lndragiri Hilir minggu lalu dan mengalami momen mengerikan yang tidak akan pernah saya lupakan."

Dengan demikian, jawaban yang benar adalah C. An unforgettable experience.


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What is the text about?



Jawaban terverifikasi


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