2. What do you call the last paragraph?


TEXT 1 for question 1-4

    Once upon a time there live as neighbors, a bear and a rabbit. The rabbit was a good shot and the bear, being very clumsy, could not use an arrow to a good advantage.

    The bear was very unkind to the rabbit. Every morning, the bear would call over to the rabbit and ask the rabbit to take his bow and arrows and come with the bear to the other side of the hill.

    The rabbit, fearing to arouse the bear's anger by refusing, consented, and went with the bear. The rabbit shot enough buffalo to satisfy the bear's family. Indeed, he shot and killed so many that there was still lots of meat left after the bear and his family had loaded themselves and packed all they could carry home.

    However, the bear was so greedy and evil that he didn't allow the rabbit to get any of the meat. The poor rabbit could not even taste the blood from the butchering, as the bear would throw earth on the bloods and dry it up. The poor rabbit would have to go home hungry after his hard days work.

    The bear was the father of five children. The youngest boy was very kind to the rabbit. The youngest bear would take the meat outside and pretend to play ball with it, kicking it toward the rabbit's house, and when he got close to the door he would give the meat such a great kick that it would fly into the rabbit's house. In this way the poor rabbit would get his meal unknown to the papa bear.

2. What do you call the last paragraph?

  1. Orientation

  2. Complication

  3. Resolution

  4. Identification

  5. Reiteration

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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang tepat adalah C.


Paragraf terakhir pada teks di atas merupakan Resolution karena berisi tentang penyelesaian masalah yang terjadi pada cerita, yaitu ketika si anak paling kecil dari beruang berpura-pura bermain bola dengan daging tangkapan si kelinci dan akan menendangnya tepat di rumah kelinci agar kelinci tersebut mendapatkan bagiannya yang seharusnya.undefined

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah C.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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