1. What is the writer's purpose to write the text?


Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d.

Text is for questions number 1 to 4.

    Miss Sita is my aunt. She is the youngest daughter in my mother's family. She is beautiful and tall. She has long wavy black hair and fair skin. She likes wearing a long skirt and shirt. She wears spectacles.

    She stays in my house because she has to finish her study at the university near my house. She has been staying here for one year. She plans to finish her study next year, but I believe that she can finish it sooner.

    She always wakes up early in the morning. Then, she helps my mother to cook and prepare breakfast. She occasionally helps me clean the house. She always goes to her campus on foot. She often goes to the library after having classes and always studies in the evening. No wonder, she has good marks and receives a scholarship. When I get difficulties on my lessons, I always ask her. She explains them well.

    My aunt and I like jogging around the jogging track in the park three times a week. We also like gardening in the front yard.

1. What is the writer's purpose to write the text?

  1. To get her aunt's attention.

  2. To show her love to her aunt.

  3. To know her aunt's characters.

  4. To make the readers know about her.

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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang benar adalah D.


Soal menanyakan tujuan penulis menulis teks tersebut.

Teks tersebut merupakan Descriptive text yang membahas seperti apa Nona Sita, bibi dari si penulis.

Berdasarkan kalimat pembuka paragraf tersebut "Miss Sita is my aunt." (Nona Sita adalah bibiku), yang kemudian dijelaskan secara rinci pada kalimat-kalimat berikutnya, menunjukkan bahwa teks tersebut merupakan deskripsi dari bibi si penulis.

Dengan demikian, tujuan dari teks tersebut (purpose of the text) adalah untuk menggambarkan / mendeskripsikan bibi dari si penulis agar para pembaca tahu tentang dia (To make the readers know about her).

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah D.


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What is the purpose of the writer to write the text above?



Jawaban terverifikasi


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