"They felt satisfied but they were very glad."  The antonym of the word glad is ...


Traveling To the Beach

    Last year 2019, Roger, his parents, and sister went a picnic to the beach. They went to the beach early in the morning. They left for the beach at 9 in the morning.

    Mr. Stanley ... (19) the car carefully. They went to the gas station to buy the fuel for his car. They bought a full tank of the fuel because the traveling took three hours to get the beach. After getting to the destination, they had lunch first. They felt hungry after long journey. They ate under the coconut trees on the white sand. ... (20) they swam in the sea, played a ball, and took a walk on the beach before they go home at 4 in the evening. They felt satisfied but they were very glad. 

"They felt satisfied but they were very glad." 

The antonym of the word glad is ...

  1. sad

  2. happy

  3. gleeful

  4. pleased

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pilihan jawaban yang tepat A.


Lawan kata dari "glad" atau "bahagia" adalah "sedih" atau "sad".

Dengan demikian, pilihan jawaban yang tepat A.


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