Answer the following questions based on the text in Activity 10.

The Legend of the Dwarf

    Hundreds years ago, there lived an old woman, all alone in a tiny hut. She had no children and no one to look after her. The old woman would weep night and day for a child, but of course, with no result. One day, she took an egg, wrapped it carefully in a cotton cloth, and put it in a corner of her hut. Night and day the old woman looked after the egg, in the hope that maybe it would give her a child. However, nothing happened, and every day the old woman grew more and more unhappy.

    One morning, as she went to look at the egg, she found that it had been broken-and in its shell sat the tiniest, loveliest baby boy that anyone couid imagine.

    The old woman loved the baby dearly and looked after him so carefully. By the time he was a year old, he could do as well as any grown-up. But for some strange reasons, no one knows why the baby stopped growing. He remained as tiny as a one-year-old baby for the rest of his life. He began to be called the Dwarf.

    The old woman did not care. She still loved the baby devotedly. "You will be a great king one day, my child," she told him as she was sure that the baby was destined for great things.

    One day, the old woman said to the Dwarf, "Go to the king's palace and challenge him to test his strength against yours." The Dwarf protested, "How can I challenge the king, mother?" He said in horror, "He is greater and stronger than me." The old woman insisted and the Dwarf was forced to do as she said.

    The king smiled at the child's challenge and asked him to lift a heavy stone. The Dwarf went weeping to the old woman. "How can I lift that heavy stone?'' he asked. To the king's surprise, the Dwarf was able to lift the heavy stone. Then, the king gave him many more tasks to do, but anything the king could do, the Dwarf could do as well.

    When the king saw that this tiny little child could do whatever he himself could do, he was afraid and very angry. He decided to get rid of the child by asking him to do something impossible.

    "Build me a palace, taller, higher, and more magnificent than any in my city," the king commanded the Dwarf. "You must do this in one night. lf the palace is not ready by tomorrow morning, you will get punishment.''

    The Dwarf was terribly frightened. He ran home to the old woman and wept. The old woman comforted him and said, "Go to sleep, my son. It will be done the next morning." The Dwarf did as his mother said and went to sleep.

    Next morning, he woke up in a beautiful palace, taller, higher, and more magnificent than any in the king's city. This is, the palace of which the ruins can still be seen in the city of Uxmal.

    When the king looked out of his window that morning, he saw the new palace towering up to the sky.

    The king was frightened. He tried to get out of the contest, but the ministers and noblemen insisted him to keep its end of the bargain.

    Not long after the competition, the king passed away. Then, the assembled nobles, ministers, and people of the city who had come to watch the contest declared the Dwarf to be their new king. The old woman's wish had come true-her little child was now a great king.

(Adopted from: https://www.longlongtimeago.com/once-upon-a-time/myths/mayan-myths/the-legend-of-the-dwarf/ (September 14, 2019))

"The old woman would weep night and day for a child, ..." (Paragraph 1) What is the synonym of the word 'weep'?

"The old woman would weep night and day for a child, ..." (Paragraph 1)

What is the synonym of the word 'weep'?


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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang tepat adalah " cry ".

jawaban yang tepat adalah "cry".



Instruksi soal ini adalah mencari sinonim dari kata' weep ' pada kalimat " The old woman would weep night and day for a child , ..." (Paragraf pertama) Kata' weep ' artinya "menangis". Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah " cry ".

Instruksi soal ini adalah mencari sinonim dari kata 'weep' pada kalimat "The old woman would weep night and day for a child, ..." (Paragraf pertama)

Kata 'weep' artinya "menangis".

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah "cry".

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When and where did the story happen?



Jawaban terverifikasi


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