"The King had actually buried a toad under the stone!" (The last paragraph) Which of the following pictures goes with the underlined word?


The Great Fortune Teller

( A Story from Korea)

    Once upon a time, there lived two friends named Tukkebi and Tori. Tukkebi means toad and Tori means stine in Korean. One day, Tukkebi felt tired of being poor. “Tori, I want to change my life and live comfortably. What should I do? I can’t think of any good ideas.” The smart Tori then said confidently, “I know what you have to do, Tukkebi. I am sure we can change our condition later.” At first, Tukkebi was confused, but later he agreed and followed Tori’s idea.

    Tori sneaked into the King’s palace that night. He planned to steal the Royal seal and buried it under the chestnut tree in the King’s palace garden. The next morning, the palace became chaotic. Everybody heard the news that Royal seal was stolen and the King was very mad. He ordered everybody to search for it, but no one could find it.

    Several days later, Tukkebi came to the palace and faced the King. He said calmly, “Dear King, the chestnut tree has the Royal seal under it.” Tukkebi knew where the seal was because Tori told him so. The king didn’t know about that and went straight to the chestnut tree in the palace garden. His people started digging and found the seal. The King felt very happy and rewarded Tukkebi with a lot of money.

    However, the King then ask Tukkebi another question. Some of the Queen’s  precious jewellery was stolen and the King wanted to know ehere they were. Tukkebi got confused. It happened out of the plan. He regretted his decision to follow Tori’s idea.

    He walked back and forth in the court yard. “What should I do?” He whispered to himself. Suddenly, someone appeared in the dark fearfully. It was a court maid who looked so pale. “I know that you know everything, Mr Tukkebi” she said. Tukkebi was confused, “What do you mean, lady?” The maid then confessed, “I was the one who stole the jewellery. I buried it under the wooden floor at the corner of the building.” Because of that, now he knew where the jewels were. He felt happy and told the King in the next morning. The King and the Queen were happy.

    Since then, Tukkebi became famous. The Emperor of China wished to meet him and invited him right after. The King tested him. He pointed a stone on top of a small mound of earth, “Mr Tukkebi, what is hidden inside the mound?” Tukkebi got shocked. How would he know what was under the heap of soil? At this point, he felt suppressed and angry. He shouted, “Tukkebi (Toad) is dying because of you, Tori (Stone)!” The King and his people then cheered loudly. The king had actually buried a toad under the stone. The Emperor admired Tukkebi more and gave him a lot of money. Although he could change his fate and became very famous, Tukkebi decided to stop doing it. He didn’t want to cheat people anymore.

"The King had actually buried a toad under the stone!" (The last paragraph) Which of the following pictures goes with the underlined word?

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jawaban yang paling tepat adalah opsi A.undefined


Kata yang digaris bawahi adalah toad yang berarti katak. 

Jadi, jawaban yang paling tepat adalah opsi A.undefined


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