“I’m just worried that I fail the national examination.” The antonym of "worried" is ....


Jerowaru, 1st February 2017

Dear Nathan

How are you? Hope everything is okay with you. I’m all right here. We are going to have the national examination, aren’t we? Are you well prepared for it? Well, to be honest, I just have some difficulties in preparing for it, especially in Science. There are extra lessons in my school and I take them all. But, I feel that they don’t help. I’m still confused in solving Mathematic problems. I’m just worried that I fail the national examination. Do you have any suggestion for me? I really appreciate your help. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your buddy


“I’m just worried that I fail the national examination.”

The antonym of "worried" is ....

N. Rizky

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang

Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang tepat adalah "calm."


Kita harus mencari antonim atau lawan kata dari worried dalam kalimat "I’m just worried that I fail the national examination." Dalam surat tersebut, penulis berkata bahwa mereka akan menghadapi ujian nasional, sehingga penulis takut gagal. Kata yang mencerminkan perasaan tersebut adalah worried yang artinya "cemas"Lawan kata "cemas" adalah "tenang". Bahasa Inggrisnya "tenang" adalah "calm".

Oleh karena itu, jawaban yang tepat adalah "calm."


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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