... he was also ill. The closest meaning of underlined word is ____.


Read the text, then answer the questions!

   When I was in hospital last year, I looked forward to visiting times. I was cheered up by visitors who talked and joked with me. My teacher knew how boring it was to be alone. She brought me a game set on one of her visits. Some of my classmates gave me fruit and flowers when they visited me. Andi sent me a get well card. He could not visit me because he was also ill. I am lucky to have caring friends.

... he was also ill.

The closest meaning of underlined word is ____.

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Master Teacher

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Kata ill dalam Bahasa Indonesia berarti sakit. Sinonim untuk kata ini antara lain sick dan unwell.

Begitulah jawaban untuk soal ini.


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"Particularly those who couldn't afford nursing help." (Paragraph 2) The underlined word means ....



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