‘But she’s very sensible’. The word ‘sensible’ is closest meaning to ....


    My family has five members. Me, my sister, my brother and parents of course. My mother is fortysix years old. Her name’s  Anna. She’s thin-faced and she’s got short, blond hair and beautiful green eyes. She’s rather slim because she always trying to stay in shape. She follows a sensible diet and does regular exercises. She’s very good-looking, always well-dressed and elegant. She’s quite easy-going and warm-hearted until I did something wrong then she can be strict.

    My father, Leszek is seven years older than my mother. He’s 53. In spite of his age he’s still black-haired, maybe with several grey hairs. He’s got bright blue eyes. He’s quite tall, but a bit shorter than me or my brother and his stomach is rather big because of beer. He’s very hard-working. Besides that he is working in man’s fashion company he’s also doing housework. He says that he is always something to do. He even makes dinner when mother is outside. However, he likes cooking and his meals are always very tasty. My mothers’ are tasty too of course.

    Next is my parents’ oldest son. My brother’s name is Tomas. He’s 25 and he’s five years older than me. He’s tall and rather slim. He’s red-haired boy with green eyes. He’s always well-dressed because he likes to buy nice clothes. Sometimes I steal his shirt and then he’s going mad. He’s general easy-going but very sharp and brainy. He was studying German language and now he’s working in his own catering company.

    Finally my sister Natalia. She’s 22, she’s also red-haired and green eyed. She’s got long wavy hair and freckles. She’s definitely shorter than me and my brother. She’s rather introvert. I guess she’s little too sensitive and worried. But she’s very sensible, smart and cooperative. She’s learning a lot and always can help. She’s studying English and also knows German and French. I want to be as smart as she is. They all, except me, speak German very well, because we were living in Germany (exactly in Eutingen) for 4 years. My brother and sister have been going to primary school there. Unfortunately I was only four when we were leaving to Poland, so I can’t speak German. Now we’re living in Toru.

‘But she’s very sensible’.

The word ‘sensible’ is closest meaning to ....

  1. Unaware

  2. Rational

  3. Foolish

  4. Silly

  5. Wise

A. Acfreelance

Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang tepat pada soal di atas adalah A. Unaware artinya masuk akalundefined


Arti kalimat pada soal di atas adalah "Tapi dia sangat bijaksana" Kata bijaksana artinya dekat dengan______undefined

Pada soal tersebut kita bisa menemukan jawabannya pada kalimat "She follows a sensible diet and does regular exercises."artinya "Dia mengikuti diet yang masuk akal dan melakukan olahraga teratur."

Dengan demikian, jawaban yang tepat pada soal di atas adalah A. Unaware artinya masuk akalundefined


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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