Junna J

15 Juni 2024 12:31



Junna J

15 Juni 2024 12:31


The quotes of song silent screams. Silent scream Release date: August, 7th 2015 " You guys! Come and see who's here... ! " " Oh my goodness, Zoe my granddaughter! Where have you been all this time?! Why is this happening to you, Zoe... Where are your parents? " " My parents have passed away, grandma... " " What?! Dead? Oh my goodness Please tell me everything, Zoe." " So, grandma used to ever since mom and dad got angry because of the test scores mom and dad got a new guest meeting themselves At the beginning of my parents' lives, everything went smoothly but it turns out that mom and dad have the wrong guest. " " The truth revealed guest they met first because they were fired because of a serious illness where is this guest do not accept being caught or reprimanded indiscriminately. " " Even they both are still happy they often lose because of debt to bankrupt in 1 day. God really knows because came to both parents, grandma. " " By sending a guest has a serious illness. until the point where mom and dad, depressed and sad, refused to acknowledge their mistakes and behaviour without telling the reason. " " because the guest stabbed mom in the neck while dad was beaten to death, grandma. " " Oh no my son, Josh and our daughter-in-law Cindy Both of us did not expect what happened to both of you It turns out that you have indeed hurt our grandchild. Since you are happy. " " No! My sister Cindy... Zoe, can you help auntie and all of us to the grave of both of your parents? " Yes, auntie they will be happy to go to their both graves " " That's true, let's all go to your parents' grave! " When was the song 'silent scream' released? A. August, 12th 2019 B. August, 7th 2015



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Nanda R


18 Juni 2024 06:25

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<p>The song "Silent Scream" was released on:</p><p>B. August 7th, 2015</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Berdasarkan informasi yang Anda berikan, lagu "Silent Scream" dirilis pada tanggal 7 Agustus 2015. Tanggal rilis ini secara eksplisit disebutkan di bagian awal deskripsi lagu tersebut:</p><p>"Silent scream</p><p>Release date: August, 7th 2015"</p>

The song "Silent Scream" was released on:

B. August 7th, 2015


Berdasarkan informasi yang Anda berikan, lagu "Silent Scream" dirilis pada tanggal 7 Agustus 2015. Tanggal rilis ini secara eksplisit disebutkan di bagian awal deskripsi lagu tersebut:

"Silent scream

Release date: August, 7th 2015"



Yusuf S

16 Juni 2024 06:11

<p>B. August, 7th 2015</p>

B. August, 7th 2015

Mikhayla N

23 Juni 2024 05:10

ohh im sory what hepen


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It's been almost 4 months since he admitted to the hospital due to fainting, injured in a hit-and-run and experiencing a coma. It appears that there is a good samaritan or a fans coming here to support and can write down their childhood memories... That the strange happened from that day. Then, the fraternal teenagers Kai and Noelle search for the Harper family decided to stayed at the hospital and take care of all three of them for a teenage girl who was not alone then her 15-year-old brother and her second 17-year-old brother lying down because of the accident at 18. 50 (which is near night) Kai was tell him about everything. While noelle tried to answer something However, unfortunately it happened, as she saw a message said " It seems like all of your siblings have liked your song since you started liking pop music, jazz music, and orchestral music if I'm not mistaken. " As she see. She will can understand before her brother regained consciousness at the end of July 2022. What time do Kai and Noelle stay overnight in the hospital? A. 18. 50 B. 21. 15



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