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Taks 8 Comolete text with the correct form of verbs in the bracklets.use present simole tense,past simple passive or future simple passive! During the renaissance, being an artist 1 ... (consider) a job like any other. Paintes and sculptors 2... (teach) their profession from a very young Age, by living and Working with Master. in those days, artist 3... (ask) by their patrons-Churches, King and Dukes to do specific jobs, they 4... (pay) for their work. Today, the life of an artist is very different. when artists create, they don't know if their work 5... (buy) by anyone. perhaps it 6... (show) in a gallery one day - but they will have to pay the gallery owner for their privilege! it sounds difficult, but there's a good site to it: Renaissance artist 7... (expect) to create exactly what their patrons wanted. Today, artist 8... (not tell) what to do, they are free to create whatever they like.





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