Juslyn I

04 Juni 2024 13:56



Juslyn I

04 Juni 2024 13:56


23. i... the clothes every Saturday a. iron b. irons c. ironing d. am iron 24. she....the windows every weekend a. clean b. cleans c. cleanses d. is clean 25. we...the dishes every afternoon a. wash b. washes c. washing d. are wash 26. he....the floor every day a. sweep b. sweeps c. sweeping d. is sweep 27. my sister....the laundry twice a week a. do b. does c. doing d. done 28. my father....the bed every morning. a. make b. makes c. making d. is make 29. they....water the plants every day a. don't b. doesn't c. is not d. do 30. my brother... take out the trash on Monday a. don't b. doesn't c. is not d. do 31. you... tidy up the room everyday a. don't b. doesn't c. are not d. are 32. when.. you clean your house a. do b. does c. did d. don't





Amanda Z

04 Juni 2024 14:59

<p>23. iron</p><p>24. cleans</p><p>25. wash</p><p>26. sweeps&nbsp;</p><p>27. does</p><p>28. makes&nbsp;</p><p>29. do</p><p>30. doesnt</p><p>31. dont</p><p>32. do</p>

23. iron

24. cleans

25. wash

26. sweeps 

27. does

28. makes 

29. do

30. doesnt

31. dont

32. do



Sunshine F

05 Juni 2024 14:25

<p><strong>Jawaban</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>23. A. Iron.</p><p>24. B. Cleans.</p><p>25. A. Wash.</p><p>26. B. Sweeps.</p><p>27. B. Does.</p><p>28. B. Makes.</p><p>29. A. Don’t.</p><p>30. B. Doesn’t.</p><p>31. A. Don’t.</p><p>32. A. Do.</p>



23. A. Iron.

24. B. Cleans.

25. A. Wash.

26. B. Sweeps.

27. B. Does.

28. B. Makes.

29. A. Don’t.

30. B. Doesn’t.

31. A. Don’t.

32. A. Do.

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