Maulida F

21 Agustus 2023 14:46



Maulida F

21 Agustus 2023 14:46


Lengkap kata berikut menggunakan verb 1, verb 2, verb 3

Lengkap kata berikut menggunakan verb 1, verb 2, verb 3






Nabillah R

21 Agustus 2023 16:08

<p>Haloo, aku bantu jawab yaa.&nbsp;</p><p>1. is</p><p>2. is</p><p>3. has</p><p>4. hunting</p><p>5. brought</p><p>6. has</p><p>7. is</p><p>8. love</p><p>9. is</p><p>10. celebrate</p><p>11. invited</p><p>12. invited</p><p>13. be</p><p>14. received</p><p>15. come</p><p>16. help</p><p>17. am</p><p>18. be</p><p>Semoga membantu ya.. Kalau ada yang kurang benar bisa dikoreksi ya teman teman</p>

Haloo, aku bantu jawab yaa. 

1. is

2. is

3. has

4. hunting

5. brought

6. has

7. is

8. love

9. is

10. celebrate

11. invited

12. invited

13. be

14. received

15. come

16. help

17. am

18. be

Semoga membantu ya.. Kalau ada yang kurang benar bisa dikoreksi ya teman teman



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Dialog 1 Sandra : Hi, Julia. Do you have a plan for the weekend? Julia : No, I have no plan yet. Sandra : Would you like to go to the beach? Julia : I think it’s not a good idea. Why don’t we take a cooking class? It could be fun. Sandra : Cooking class? That sounds good. Dialog 2 Willy : You look confused. What’s the matter? Harry : I haven’t finished my English project. It’s due tomorrow. Willy : How if we do it together? Do you mind if I help you? Harry : That sounds great. It would be very helpful. Thank you. 6. What are the responses to the offers given?



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The following are the types of bank forms, except (Berikut ini adalah jenis-jenis formulir bank, kecuali..)



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Activity 1: Reading Descriptive Text Read the following text carefully! The Jakarta History Museum (Museum Sejarah Jakarta), also known as Fatahillah Museum or Batavia Museum is located in the Old Town of Jakarta, Jakarta History Museum opened in 1974, diaplays objects from the prehistory period of the city region, the founding of Jayakarta in 1527 and through the Dutch colonization period from the 16 century until Indonesia's independence in 1945. The museum is located in south side of Fatahillah Square (former Batavia City square) new Wayang Museum and Fine Art and Ceramic Museum The building was built in 1970 as the city hall of Batavia This building was the administrative headquarters of the Dutch East India Company and lator of the Dutch Colonial Government. The current building was constructed in 1707 by the city government, replacing the former city hall built In 1672 The building contains 37 omate rooms. There are also some cells located beneath the front portico which were used as dungeons, A Javanese freedom fighter, Prince Diponegoro, was mprisoned here in 1830 before being banished to Makassar This building is located in front of a public square, which in the past was known as Stadhuisploin the City Hall Square. The square is now known as Fatahillah Square, in the center of the square is a fountain which was used as a water supply during the colonial era. Also located In the square is a Portuguese cannon known as Si Jagure Cannon). The square was also used as the place of executions In 1970, the Fatahillah Square was declared a cultural heritage. This effort was the beginning of the development of the historical area of the city of Jakarta, carried out by the Government of DKI Jakarta. The Jakarta History Museum was inaugurated on March 30, 1974 as the center for collection conservation and research for all kinds of object of cultural heritage related to the history of the city of Jakarta This museum is the one of the most visited museums in Jakarta. Visiting the historical building, you will really have an imagination of Jakarta in the colonial era Takan rotor wieder war hostory Museum Nilal Activity 2: Discussing Based on the text, discuss some questions below with your partner! 2. What is the genre of the text?



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