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22 November 2021 13:06

kami mengerjakan tugas dari ibu desta setiap hari selasa



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25 November 2021 00:18

Kakak bantu jawabyah Bahasa inggrisnya adalah "We do the task from Mrs. Desta every tuesday" Kami= we mengerjakan =do dari = from ibu desta = Mrs. Desta setiap = every Hari selasa = tuesday semoga membantu

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The modern period of civil rights reform can be devided into several phases, each beginning with isolated, small-scale protests and ultimately resulting in the emergence of new, more militant movements, leaders, and organizations. The Brown decision demonstrated that the ligitation strategy of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) could undermine the legal foundations of southern segregationist practices, but the strategy worked only when blacks, acting individually or in small group, assumed the risk associated with crossing racial barriers. Thus, even after the Supreme Court declared that public school segregation was unconstitutional, black activism was necessary to compel the federal government to implement the decision and extend its principles to all areas of public life rather than simply in schools. During the 1950s and 1960s, therefore, NAACP sponsored legal suits and legislative lobbying were supplemented by an increasingly massive and militant social movement seeking a broad range of social changes. Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the initial phase of the black protest activity in the post-Brown period began on December 1, 1955. Rosa Parks of Montgomery, Alabama, refused to give up her seat to a white bus rider, thereby defying a sothern custom that required blacks to give seats toward the front of buses to whites. When she was jailed, a black community boycott of the city's buses began. The boycott lasted more than a year, demonstrating the unity and determination of black residents and inspiring blacks elsewhere. Martin Luther King, J r., who emerged as the boycott movement's most effective leader, possessed unique conciliatory and oratorical skills. He understood the larger significance of the boycott and quickly realized that the nonviolent tactics used by the Indian national ist Mahatma Gandhi could be used by southern blacks. "I had come to see early that the Christian doctrine of love operating through the Gandhian method of non-violence was one of the most potent weapons available to thebnegro in his struggle for freedom," he explained. Although Parks and King were members of the NAACP, the Montgomery movement led to the creation in 1957 of a new regional organization, for blackheclergy-led Southtern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) with King as its president. King remained the major spokesperson for black aspirations, but, as in Montgomery, little known individuals initiated most subsequent black movements. On February 1, 1960, four freshmen at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College began a wave of student sitins designed to end segregation at southern lunch counters. These protests spread rapidly throughtout the South and led to the founding, in April 1 960, of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). This studentled group, even more aggressive in its use of nonviolent direct tactics than King's SCLC, stressed the development of autonomous local movements in contrast to SCLCs strategy of using local campaigns to achieve national civil rights reforms. 17. It is implied in the text that Martin Luther King, Jr .... A. Was the only influential leader in the black community B. Started to lead his movement when he was young C. Was a member of NAACP D. Led the first black movement against recism in the U.S. E. Was an influential public speaker



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In the next poetry-reading contest, each of the contestants ................ expected to be more critical and more accurate in pronounciation. A. Is B. Are C. They are D. To be E. Being



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My brother, who was not used to .... a room with some else, was quite unhappy when he couldn't have his own room in a dormitory. A. Sharing D. Be shared B. Share E. Being shared C. Be sharing



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While bullying has always been a problem encountered during child hood and adolescene, we all know it is on the rise. When a child is intentionally and repeatedly mean to another child, the cycle begins. Bullying occurs on the playg rounds, at lunch in the cafetaria, in locker rooms, even over the phone and now that so many children have access to the latest technology, the problem has become even more prevalent. Enter the newest room-cyber bullying whereby children and teens deliberately use dugital media to disseminate false, embarassing, or just plain mean messages or pictures about one person to others. Cyberbullying can occur via text, email, Face book, Twitter, or other media outlets. The American Academy of Pediatrics class cyberbullying "the most common online risk for all teen. Studies have shown that between 25 percent to 45 percent of teens report being bullied online. Many kids report such treatment having occurred more than once. Cyberbullying is affecting all ages, as even yong children often have access to technology and the internet. Children of all ages need to understand that the internet is not a "safe" place, and that it is a public forum. Even if you delete a message or photo, it actually continues to exist in cyberspace. Also, many teens mistakenly think they will not "get caught" if they bully someone online, or that such behavior is "not that big a deal. All pa rents need to discuss internet safety and the problem of cyberbullying with their children. This is especially important for tweens and teens, as they spend much of their time online. Just as kids must learn and practice good manners in public, they also need to mind their manners online. If a child would not say something to another young person's face, then the same dig should not be emailed or texted. It is really as simple as that. This is what I call the "front door rule". Tell your child that if he/she writes an email or text, or posts something derogatory about another person on Facebook, Twitter, lnstagram (or other sites, to think before they push "send': If they would not want to post the information on their front door for family members and all the neighbours to see, they should stop, think and change-or forget about the message. It could hurt someone more than they realize and could also be forwarded on to hundreds, thousands, even millions of others. 33. Which of the following proverbs expresses the idea in paragraph 6? A. Look before you leap B. You reap what you sow C. A stitch in time saves nine D. The weak can never forgive E. A stumble may prevent a fall



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Identifying ingredients in old paintings can help curators decide how best to maintain, display and restore them. The 17th-century Dutch artist, Rembrandt, was found to use wheat, according to a new advanced analysis of two of his works. It is the first study to identify wheat starch in any of Rembrandt's work, even though scientists have performed numerous analysis on more than 150 of his. In Rembrandt's time artist mixed their own pains which they then spread onto canvas in layers. Often, individual layers of the same piece of art contained different binding agents, pigments, varnishes and other ingredients. Besides color, each layer was mixed to just the right level of thickness, glossiness, texture, iveness on the surface, drying time and more. However, paint layers are tough to analyze because they are spread so incredibly thin.The thinnest ones rise just a thousandth of a millimeter above the layer below them. Using a variety of chemical and physical analytical methods, a long with old written records, scientists have been able to identify pigments and other inorganic materials in many ancient paintings. For the new study, the scientists used some of the most high-tech equipment a round to look at the "Portrait of Nicolaes van Bambeeck" which Rembrandt van Rijn painted in 1641 . First they took a cross-section from a minuscule section of the painting. Then they used a variety of methods to probe the layers, including a technique called Ti me of Fly - Secondary lon Mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS). This technique involves sending a focused, high-energy beam of ions at the layered sample, then observing the ions that bounce back. By analyzing the energy and chemical nature of the ejected ions, scientist can deduce detailed information about the types of elements and chemical bonds held within. For the second grayish layer of paint on the "Portrait of Nicolaes van Bambeeck" the scan showed, Rem brandt mixed oil and a small amount of lead with wheat flour. It's not clear yet whether Rembrandt used wheat earlier or continued to use the ingredient after painting the "Portrait of Nicolaes van Bambeeck," who was a rich wool merchant. But the researchers also found wheat the "Portrait of Agatha Bas” the merchant's wife. 71. How does the author organize the ideas in the passage? A. By arguing other theories of old painting's ingredients. B. By comparing one Rembrandt's works to his other works. C. By discussing possible ingredients used at Rembrandt's time. D. By presenting the research's findings and describing its process. E. By discussing the importance of knowing what ingredients Rembrandt used.



Jawaban terverifikasi


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