Kusnadi H

28 November 2021 14:14




Gusti Z

29 November 2021 15:30

ini di apain? diartiin atau gimna?

Shinta S

02 Desember 2021 15:22

horse → kuda

Rasya M

05 Desember 2021 05:49

Horse artinya kuda

ask to forum

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Each of the participants ...... received an invitation. A. having B. have C. has D. be having E. to have



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"If the plane had taken off on time, we wouldn't have been late for the opening of the seminar". This mean that we were late because the flight. . . . A. Was delayed B. Has to be delayed C. Was going to be delayed D. Had not been delayed E. Was not delayed



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Following recent concerns about the high costs of running competitive motor racing teams, and doubts in sponsors' minds over the commercial value of their involvement, the viability of motor racing has been critically questioned. Both motor racing and automotive manufacturers are increasingly looking towards innovative solutions to maximize return on investment. This is at a time when the motor industry has to become more environmentally friendly while avoiding any compromise in performance. With this in mind, the University of Warwick team based in the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) and the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre decided to build a competitive racing car using environmentally sustainable components. Their aim was to show the industry just how much is possible using current environ mentally sustainable technologies.. What they created is the first Form ula 3 racing car designed and made from sustainable and renewable materials, putting the world first by effectively managing the planet's resources. The World First Formula 3 racing car is powered by chocolate, steered by carrots, has body work made from potatoes and can still do 1 25 mph around corners. The car meets all the Formula 3 racing standard s, except for its biodiesel engine which is configured to run on fuel derived from waste chocolate and vegetable oil. Formula 3 cars currently cannot use biodiesel. Asked why they had undertaken this project, Dr Steve Maggs said "As original equipment manufacturers focus on decreasing engine emissions, to meet future C02 requirements, the World First project proves that if you are going to whole heartedly embrace the 'green is great' ethos, you have to broaden your vision and have a strategy that stretches throughout the chain from the raw materials to the final disposal of the car. The project clearly demonstrates that automotive environ mentalism can and should be about the whole package.” Project manager, James Meredith, sum med up the feelings of the team when he said that "it's been very exciting working on the project and important for our team to develop a working example of a truly "green motor racing car.”' The World First project dispels the myth that performance needs to be compromised when developing sustainable motor vehicles of the future. 83. All of the following are TRUE about the World First Formula 3 car EXCEPT . . .. A. It can run 1 25 mph B. It does not use biodiesel engine C. It uses renewable stuff D. It is powered by organic fuels E. It is environ mentally friendly



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Doctors have recently started to study the causes of a medical disorder which they have a ppropriately name SAD, or seasonal disorder. People who suffer from SAD become very .... (67).... during the winter months. Their depression appears to be the result of a decrease in the amount of sun light they are exposed to. Doctors teorize that decreased sunlight affect the .... (68) .... of melaton in, a hormone man ufactured in the brain, and serotonin, a chemical that helps transmit nerve impulses. Depression may result from the ensuing imbalance of these two substances in the body . .... (69) .... , doctors believe that a decrease of the amount of sunlight the body receives may a use a .... (70) .... in the body's natural clock, which could in turn, result in symptoms of depression. .... (71 ) .... absence of light seems to be the cause of this disorder, a daily dose of light appears to be the cure. Doctors advise patients to sit in front of a special light bo which simulated natural light for a few hours every day. 71. A. In fact B. When c. Besides D. Since E. Moreover



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Tunisia's interim government paved the way for the ...... dissolution of the political party. A. Event B. Eventful C. Eventual D. Eventually E. Evenfully



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