Junna J

22 Februari 2024 11:50



Junna J

22 Februari 2024 11:50


Flashback: August 2, 2022 (3 months after coma... ) 3 months later... "I refuse to give up for my brother... " " I had to wait for him before he woke up... I could tell he was the one who hit him. " " I'm sure he'll be in jail for days. For doing bad things... " " They didn't know why he was like that. " " Maybe I should check first whether he's still awake or not...? " " Ouch, it hurts! " " Did I touch you carelessly? ... What?! " " ...What happened? " How many months will it take if he wakes up from a coma? A. 7 months B. 3 months B. 2 weeks

Flashback: August 2, 2022 (3 months after coma... ) 



3 months later...



"I refuse to give up for my brother... " 



" I had to wait for him before he woke up... I could tell he was the one who hit him. " 



" I'm sure he'll be in jail for days. For doing bad things... " 



" They didn't know why he was like that. " 



" Maybe I should check first whether he's still awake or not...? " 



" Ouch, it hurts! " 



" Did I touch you carelessly? ... What?! " 



" ...What happened? " 




How many months will it take if he wakes up from a coma?

A. 7 months

B. 3 months

B. 2 weeks 






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Astrophile A

23 Februari 2024 22:25

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<p>Jawaban yang tepat adalah: B. 3 months</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Jawaban dipeorleh dari:<br>"Flashback: August 2, 2022 (3 months after coma... )"</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Dari bagian itu diketahui bahwa lama komanya adalah tiga bulan.&nbsp;</p>

Jawaban yang tepat adalah: B. 3 months


Jawaban dipeorleh dari:
"Flashback: August 2, 2022 (3 months after coma... )"


Dari bagian itu diketahui bahwa lama komanya adalah tiga bulan. 



Salsabila Z

25 April 2024 03:19

<p>The answer is: B .3 month</p>

The answer is: B .3 month


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I was here (2024) Releass date: April, 12 2024 Plot: The story begins around May 2019, a 12 year old third year high school student who has just graduated from her high school but suddenly she met her 4 siblings who went to the same school. Then she had a dream of becoming a vlog video creator and cooking before she and all her siblings became pop singers. Before the end in the year 2022. From this flashback story it turns out that she is the second daughter of John Harper and Nancy Harper when she studied jazz songs and was a solo vocalist, duet vocalist and group vocalist and other siblings joined too. After shortly she already accepted after her 36 year old mom, Nancy passed away in late april 2019. Next page : The first singer awards in 2020 What is the title of the remake of the movie 'if i stay'? A. I was here (2024) B. I'm not ashamed (2016)



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MOHON DIJAWAB SECEPATNYA, TERIMAKASIH (text activity 6) When I was a seventh grader, I had an interest in dancing. At that time, I was a new student. All students in the seventh grade were required to participate in at least two extracurricular activities at school. Because I love English, I joined the English Club. However, I was confused about what other activities I would participate in. "Hi, Lala. Have you decided which extracurricular activities you will participate in?" asked Reza, my classmate. I was filling out the extracurricular registration form sheet when he asked. "I have chosen the English club, but I am still confused about the other activity," I replied. "The school has a lot of interesting/extracurricular activities. You have to choose one of them," Reza said. "You are right. But I'm still confused," I stared at the extracurricular registration form sheet. There were still a few hours before this sheet was collected. "I Think, you should choose activities that really match your passion. I've heard that you like to watch traditional dance performances. Why don't you just join the dance club?" Reza gave his opinion. I thought for a while: It may be true what Reza said. The dancing club is not bad. I always wanted to learn to dance a long time ago, but there was no chance. Maybe it was time for me to learn to dance. I smiled at Reza, and then said, "Thank you, Reza. Now I know which club I will choose." From then on, I confessed to the dancing club. I practiced dance seriously. I have mastered several types of dances, both traditional and contemporary dance. --PERTANYAAN---- A 1. What is the story about? B Rewrite Lala's story in Activity 6 in the table below! 1. Orientation= a. characters:............... b. Setting:............... 2. Complication: a. Conflict:............ b. Climax:.............. 3. Resolution:.................



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chapter 1: the beginning "Hmmm, so I've signed it. Now all I have to do is register directly from the school," Rita thought quickly . Rita or Rita Yunita is a girl who wants to go to Sakura Academy because she wants to get an award, become a student council member there, join champion, and get a scholarship so she can choose where she wants to go. "I hope I can pass the test so I can go to school at the currently popular Sakura Academy..." Rita spoke to herself. Chapter 2 : the great start . One day in a Japanese city there was a student who entered the Sakura Academy. There were many students who want to registered and then took a test to get permission to enter the academy or not... "Hello new students, welcome to Sakura Academy, a place where smart people study and graduate here," said the principal at Sakura Academy, Mrs. Lesia Kima. "With technology becoming more sophisticated day by day, Sakura Academy is developing it to become even more powerful" added Mrs. Kinada Tira, a teacher from class 1A . "Right, and let's start the registration event, ask all the students to go to the room next to the teachers' council, namely the registration room."Miss Lesia answered clearly. "Wow, that means this school is very modern!" thought Rita, "Hey, what's up there?" called a girl from behind."Huh?"Rita was confused because she heard someone calling her . "Hi, can we be friends? I don't have any friends here yet."answered the girl. "ooh of course, I'm Rita Yunita, what's your name? "Rita answered briefly ."My name is Yuta Aita, nice to meet you!" answered the girl whose name was apparently Yuta. "Yuta! Let's hurry to the student registration room. The other students have already left!" Rita answered quickly because she wanted to go to the registration room too. when they arrived at the registration room... "Haaaah!? The queue for registration is really long!! It took up to one night to queue before Yuta and I could register (sad)," answered Rita quickly but small. "Don't be sad, Rita, I've taken queue number 15 and number 16. I took two, one for you, that was before I met you, so don't worry." Yuta said calming Rita. "Wow, thanks Yuta ^^ "Rita answered happily. "Your welcome Rita, and now it's number 14 after me, then you Rita "Yuta answered calmly. [..NEXT NO.15..] "Well it's my turn! after that you Rita! "Yuta said that as he got up from his seat. "yes Yuta..{oh I'm so scared if I'm not accepted...} "Rita answered while thinking. "yeeeyy! I passed Rita! Now it's your turn! "Rita answered suddenly with a happy face."uh, yes yuta I'm coming..." Rita answered with a worried face.Rita got up from her seat and came to the registration area. "So... where is the registration paper? "Rita asked. "This is the paper, but first, can you provide proof that you are indeed enrolled at this Sakura Academy? "asked the person giving the registration form. "Here it is..I just registered yesterday. Is this true?"asked Rita who was waiting for the answer."Hmmm, wait a minute, I'll take a look first, okay?" answered the the person giving the registration form ."oohhh so you are the person who registered yesterday with the name Rita Yunita huh?"asked the person . "ah, yes, that's right..{hhhh luckily I'm there, so I'm a little calmer..}"Rita answered while thinking ."OK, here is the form, please write it with the correct information. "answered the person earlier. [Rita also wrote everything that was needed on the form correctly.] "Here's the form paper..I've finished answering it..{I hope I pass the next test so I can pass and can go to school here..}" Rita answered while shakingly handing over the form. [After waiting for a long time, Rita finally answered..] "Okay, you passed the next test like your friend Yuta. Isn't she your friend?"asked the person. "yes, that's right...oh yes, where will the next test be?"Rita asked with relief. "oh, it will be announced later so that everyone who passes can hear too.. "the person answered. "oh, thanks for the information..." Rita answered quietly as she went towards Yuta. "yuta! i passed too! !"Rita shouted happily. "wow, luckily you passed too! Hopefully we'll be in the same class too! "Yuta answered happily."You guys don't forget that your dorm rooms are the same so you have to remind each other. And also one room is only provided for 2 people so don't make the room messy otherwise you will be punished for sweeping the leaves on the school grounds, here is the dorm room card, the floor 5 No. 551 When you're in the room, don't be loud and don't be late for anything, you'll know what happens if you're late," answered the person giving the form at length. "Eeh...can I ask one more thing?" asked Rita nervously. "hhhh (sighs) quickly, what do you want to ask?" answered the form giver patiently . " If i want to register To become a student council or student council president, where do I go?" "ooh you will hear the announcement tomorrow morning at 07:15 remember don't be even a second late otherwise the field gate will immediately close. so now you can go to your dorm room with yuta now..." answered the person. "Aahh, sorry I asked a lot of questions and thank you for the information..." Rita answered slowly. [THEY GET UP THE LIFT AND GO TO THEIR Dormitory ROOM..] "Hmmm... room no. 549,, room no. 550,, room no. 551.. well here is our room Yuta!! "Rita said to Yuta who were busy carrying their suitcases and bags."Finally we arrived... Hey Rita, why did you tell me to carry our bags and suitcases? You only brought your cards and smartphone... I'm tired you know!" Yuta replied, almost angry because he was the one carrying their bags and suitcases. "Hehehe, don't be angry, Yuta, because if I told you to look for our room and I was the one carrying our bags and suitcases, you wouldn't find our room because you don't seem to be a careful person :v" Rita answered casually while explaining at length. "hhhh (takes a deep breath) OK, that's up to you, Rita, I'm lazy..." Yuta answered resignedly........ Pertanyaannya adalah.. 1.siapa nama karakter utamanya?....... 2.siapa teman pertamanya?.... 3.apa nama sekolah barunya?.... MAKASIH SUDAH MENJAWAB~~~~♥︎ BTW INI CERITA ASLI BUATANKU SENDIRI! BY ZAHIRAH JANGAN TIRU KLO ENGGAK BERDOSA



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