Sabita A

30 November 2021 02:12

Bagas : I guess I lost my gold bracelet somewhere. Yoga : .... May be it is still in this room. a.Why don’t you search it here? b.Take my advice and buy again. c.If I were you I’d buy again. d.I don’t think you should search it here



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Muhammad F

30 November 2021 03:44

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Yoga : Why don't you search it here? Maybe it is still in this room Dialog itu bercerita Bagas kehilangan gold bracelet kemudian yoga menyarankan : kenapa kamu tidak mencarinya disini? mungkin itu masih berada di ruangan ini so the correct answer is A. why don't you search it here?


30 November 2021 03:01

A. Why don't you search it here ?

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Fill in the blank by choosing the correct answer. - She - her - hers - our - My - We - I - his Hello, my name is Diah. _____ (1) live with my parents. I also have a sister and a brother. _____ (2) sister is Junior High School student, _____ (3) name is Afrita. _____ (4) is very diligent. My brother is still baby. _____ (5) name is Michael. I and my sister go to school together, cause my school is near with _____ (6). _____ (7) go to school by bike. We love _____ (8) familly. Pertanyaan nomor 7



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"A. Read the text carefully! HP Inkjet Print Cartridge 21 Black C9351A 5ml. Intended for single use only. Not licenced for modification. 6 months limited warranty from install by date. See insert for details. Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Attn: Product Manager PO BOX 87. Alexandra Road Post Office, Singapore 911503 Answer the questions based on the text above! 5. When will this product expire after install? "



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match the adverb of frequency !! QUESTION 1. Indonesia ... wins in the world olympiad 2. she ... cooks for her parents 3. they are coming to my house ... in a week 4. Flora ... follows the art class 5. I ... looks the phenomena 6. I ... bring a dictionary to the school 7. he ... stay at home 8. they ... try to make a new creation 9. we ... go to the cinema every week 10. Gina ... visit her grandma in the village 11. I ... meet the someone before in the place 12. she ... writes an article in the newspaper 13. my mom ... kisses me every day 14. i ... pray the healthy to my family 15. we ... accompany her to the hospital ANSWER a. frequently b. always c. twice d. sometimes e. never f. hardly ever g. seldom h. often i. usually j. always k. hardly ever l. usually m. frequently n. always o. occasionally no 4 ...



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Dear Hanan, Congratulations on your successful graduation! Now, you know the importance of optimism, patience and determination. Enjoy the things that you’ve achieved. You’ve worked hard! Your brother, Irman. 4. When does the writer send it?



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Mrs rosi : Do you mind passing me the sugarDiana : ...................Here it is



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